Land Protection Options

ConsEasementThere are a number of options available to landowners who wish to leave a legacy of open, natural or agricultural land for the benefit of future generations. 

Conservation Easements 
A conservation easement is a voluntary, permanent agreement between a landowner and a qualified organization like The Land Conservancy. The agreement clearly defines future uses and restrictions for the property, while allowing the owner to continue to use and enjoy the land and eventually sell it or pass it to his or her heirs, knowing that it will remain undeveloped.

Land Donations 
In some cases, a landowner may decide that he or she no longer wishes to own certain property, and would benefit from receiving an income tax deduction for donating the land to an organization like TLC.

Other Land Protection Options 
There are additional ways that one might be able to preserve land for the benefit of future generations. 

  • Sale Options
    It is unusual for TLC to purchase land. The McHenry County Conservation District, a unit of local government, may be interested in acquiring your property if it fits into their countywide plan.
  • Nature Preserve 
    Certain properties with especially unique natural resources present may qualify for dedication as Illinois State Nature Preserves.
  • ACE: Agricultural Conservation Easements  -
    The Land Conservancy of McHenry County has worked with several farmowners to help them preserve the land they love through donation of a permanent conservation easement. In some cases, the donation has resulted in significant income tax reductions for the landowner. Please contact Linda Balek for more information: 815-337-9502 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.