Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2015 Annual Celebration Brunch.  Because of you, it was a success! 

TLC is mentioned in Land Trust Alliance's article, Measuring Success. Click here to read the article.  



     HAPPY 2015!

Land Restoration

burn_at_windy_knoll_2005The Land Conservancy is actively restoring several of the properties that it owns to improve the overall biodiversity found at these sites. The restoration helps ensure that the maximum number of plant and animal species are able to use the property.

If left unmanaged, properties tend to be quickly over-run by non-native, invasive plant species that crowd out the native plant species that are indigenous to our area.

Land Restoration is both an art and a science. In the course of restoring the ecological integrity of a property, TLC may need to:

  • Reduce soil erosion.
  • Control foreign species that squeeze out native plants.
  • Sow seeds of native plants.
  • Return fire to the landscape in a controlled manner.
  • Return water flows to their natural courses.
  • Minimize damage from chemicals such as road salt and fertilizer.
  • Monitor particularly rare species.

TLC volunteers gather at Restoration Work Days throughout the year to cut invasive brush species (such as buckthorn and honeysuckle), to pull invasive plants such as garlic mustard, and to burn the vegetation on properties in a way that enhances the growth of native species. TLC's Restoration Volunteers receive on the job training from experienced land managers!

To receive email notice of future Work Days, please contact Melissa Hormann.

Information about upcoming Restoration Work Days can be found on our events calendar here

Get Involved with TLC

There are a variety of ways to help TLC preserve the natural, scenic and agricultural lands that make McHenry County so attractive, and that provide such a high quality of life to its residents.


As a small organization, TLC relies upon the work of volunteers, the financial support of members, as well as the decisions that private property owners make to preserve their land.


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