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Spring & Fall Oak Sale

Oak seedlings grown OutsideThe two best times to plant an oak are twenty years ago... and Today!

Working with Glacier Oaks Nursery in Harvard, TLC is able to provide healthy and beautiful oaks to the community. All trees are grown from locally gathered acorns that are collected from healthy, local trees.

Forty percent of McHenry County was once covered with oak trees - bur, white, red, scarlet, black and swamp white. While many of the original woods are gone, we can all help ensure that oaks will be part of the community 250 years from now by planting oaks today!

These amazing trees are considered keystone species in this area. What that means is that the survival of many other species - insects, birds and mammals - depends upon the health of the oaks!

Here is a listing of species, sizes and prices that are available for pick-up May 9th (9am-4pm) and May 10th (10am-noon):


Red Oaks - 1-2' Only  $20        White Oaks - 1-2' Only $20       Bur Oaks - multi sizes       Swamp White oaks - multi sizes
Tree sizes
Tree sizes

We also have three other native nut-producing trees available:


Limited Quantity


Limited Quantity

Pecan - 4', $55                       Mockernut Hickory 3-4', $75        Butternut 4', $72                    

Pick up takes place  at Hennen Conservation Area, 4622 Dean Street, Woodstock.

Thirty percent of the sale price of all trees is used to support community oak planting events throughout the community. The rest covers the cost of raising the trees - and makes it possible for us to continue growing local trees for the community!

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