Protect Your Land

Mbr6Do you own land - natural, agricultural, scenic, historic? Large or small? Have you ever thought about doing something to ensure it will remain undeveloped, even after you no longer own it?

TLC can help!

Most people are surprised to learn about the variety of options—and tax benefits—available to landowners who wish to protect the land they love from future development.

  • You can preserve your land's scenic value, rural character or wildlife habitat while continuing to use and enjoy the property as you do today.
  • You may permanently restrict or prevent development on your property no matter how many times it changes hands in the future.
  • If you're interested in income tax deductions or concerned about the estate taxes your heirs are likely to confront, you'll be interested in the flexible opportunities available.

The Land Conservancy of McHenry County has worked with nearly 100 landowners to help them preserve the natural, agricultural or scenic qualities of their property. The primary tool we use is called a conservation easement - a voluntary, permanent agreement between a property owner and TLC that specifies the uses that will be permitted and restricted today and in the future, even when the property changes hands. TLC holds easements on private property that range in size from less than 1 acre to 250 acres.

Click here to read about some of the people who have preserved their land with TLC's help.

There are other options available to landowners who are interested in leaving a legacy of land, including donation of the property outright to TLC. We have accepted properties as small as 2 acres if the property is located near to other protected lands or if it contains unique or high quality natural resources.

Please contact Linda Balek, TLC's Land Protection Specialist, to get more information: 815-337-9502 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..