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Prepare for the Next Drought - Buy a Rainbarrel

toms rainbarrels fpTLC is excited to offer high-quality, 60 gallon rainbarrels for a great price. Call 815-337-9502 to arrange pick-up at TLC's office, 4622 Dean St, Woodstock. Read on to order yours today.

Rainbarrels are made from food-grade polyethylene shipping containers, and are available in grey, espresso brown and green.

Please follow this link to the order page to choose your rainbarrels today.


Diverting water from your downspout into a rainbarrel has several advantages:

  • Reduces the volume of water flowing to nearby stormsewers
  • Helps to reduce neighborhood flooding from excess stormwater run-off
  • Provides a backup source of water during times of drought and between rain showers
  • Helps to keep our creeks and beaches clean
  • Rainwater is naturally softened water - great for delicate houseplants, auto cleaning and window washing
  • Saves money by lowering your water bill - if you live in town, you are paying for each gallon of tap water you use
  • Chlorine-free water helps maintain a healthy biotic community in the soil

Residential watering can account for 70% of summer water use. Rain barrels not only store water, they help decrease demand during the sweltering summer months. Only 1/4 inch of rainfall runoff from the average roof will completely fill the typical barrel. Collection of water from rooftop runoff can provide an ample supply of this free "soft water" containing no chlorine, lime or calcium. Because it tends to have fewer sediments and dissolved salts than municipal water, rain water is ideal for many applications, including biodynamic and organic vegetable gardens, raised planter beds for botanicals, indoor tropical plants like ferns and orchids, automobile washing, and cleaning household windows.

Saving water in this manner will reduce your demand for treated tap water, and save money by lowering your monthly bill. Rain water diversion also helps decrease the burden on municipal drainage systems during storms. The storage of rain water is also recommended for general emergency preparedness, or for areas prone to disasters or drought.

If you want to figure out how much water to expect  from a rainstorm, remember this formula: 1 inch of rain on a 1,000 sq ft roof yields 623 gallons of water.

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